Costume Terms of Service Agreement

A. Financial
1. The product will be sold for the price settled upon via communications
between the client and the artist before the commission is accepted.
2. The down payment of the product must be received to secure your slot. This is a safety measure on our part. This is 30% of the commission cost.
3. Payment must be complete before shipment to you. Payments of $100 or more are preferred monthly at minimum.
4. Payments will be made via the PayPal, unless otherwise noted by commissioner. We can also accep checks, money orders, google wallet, etc.
5.  The 30% down payment in non-refundable. If the costume has even started then no amount of the payment is refundable.

6. Slot is not resell-able, you are required to change the character in a situation where you are no longer in possession of the original design unless otherwise discussed.

7. If commissioner attempts to sell commission slot or sells character without notifying this is not means of cancelling the commission. No refund is guaranteed. Discussions may be made about changing the commission subject matter.

B. Features
1. The parties will discuss the specifications of the product to be completed
before work begins. This will include all specifics the customer asks for, and all aspects of the costume will be worked out and explained with the customer to the best of our ability before building to ensure a product they will enjoy. Either by a 3 view reference artwork or we can create a rough draft sketch of a character for you, or a completely artistic freedom character design.
2. The commissioner will provide the needed information prior to
construction. (E.g. Sizes, Measurements, or other needed information) If
A fullsuit, the commissioner will also provide a duct-tape dummy that will
be mailed to be used for making the costume. We will send instructions on info and measurements we need a month or more before we start on your project.
3. In the process of construction, unforeseeable circumstances may occur. This could be from remaking a piece due to a new construction method, circumstances with finding proper materials, or any kind of trauma or injury to myself and/or assistant. If there are any delays or changes these will all be discussed with the customer at the time of happening. We are not liable in the event that there are delays due to any major life events.
4. The product will have all predetermined features to the best of the
artist’s ability, any limitations will be discussed as outlined above.
5. Design changes made once construction has started will be subject
to additional costs as well as may change the completion time.

6. If character is sold without notification before sale it does not give a right to terminate commission. In the case of this situation the Terms of service is violated. No refund is required on sellers end, but a change of character may be made (Additional cost may incur).

C. Service
1. The product will include a service plan and warranty outlined below.
2. Once the product is completed and shipped, if sizing or fitting issues occur
the suit will be altered for free with shipping costs at the expense of the
artist for the first month. If these sizing issues are due to improper information on the customer's end, the customer may have to cover the shipping cost.
3. Up to a year after completion any small repairs can be made for free. We promise professional quality in my product and am willing to fix any popped seams, or general repairs from rough housing or general wear and tear. After this year all repairs are made on an individual basis with the customer and will have a small fee for my work. This fee rarely exceeds $15 for a small repair, as we always want and encourage our customers to keep their costumes in tip top shape!

. If you or anyone else has edited or done work on a costume piece I can no longer guarantee quality and/or do any repairs on said piece.

D. Liability
1. The artist is not liable for any injury that occurs related to the product or
its use.
2. Repairs may be refused or require a fee if the product has damage such as, purposeful damage done by an individual to the costume, fire damage, damage from improper care, etc.
3. Once the costume has been delivered there are no returns accepted. The
commissioner understands that there is no guarantee of a refund due to
satisfaction of the final product. The customer assumes liability that the
final product will be made to their specifications. This is why as outlined above I work out all details of the costume with the commissioner, as well as show frequent WIP or "Work in progress" pictures to ensure the product is one you are satisfied with.

5. Commissioner is liable to read these terms and understand and agree to them.
6. If a commission is cancelled by the commissioner any refund will then be
negotiated between the builder and commissioner which will not include the 30% deposit and potentially only a fraction of the commission cost.

7. Commission slot is not able to be sold, modified, or changed without negotiation. Selling a character or design is not means for a refund. If a slot is sold without our knowledge it may be terminated with no refund.

8. We do not work with anyone under the age of 18. This is for safety and legal reasons. To commission us you will need to be 18+ or have someone 18+ do it for you. If you commission us knowing you are under this age we have the right to terminate the commission with no refund given.

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